Set up in late 2020 following the recent alarming accelerationism we have seen from authoritarian ideological extremist elements in the western world.

The extreme logical conclusions drawn by “woke” ideology are unpopular with the public. This is evidenced by almost all recent free and fair elections held in western democracies.

The proponents of this ideology have thus far used tactic of shaming a bewildered majority into silence. This has typically been coupled with aggressive cancelation of, and restriction of access to, the counter-arguments.

It has so far proven itself an effective as a way of acquiring power, the reasons for which are part of a separate discussion.

That said, there are signs that the tide is turning, and that the most effective disinfectant for this extremism is light.

I believe this is for two main reasons. Firstly, many of the central planks of the ideology do not stand up to scrutiny from a dispassionate observer. Secondly the tactics employed by the extremists in question are almost universally distasteful to the average person.

Part of the effort to turn the tide against “woke” extremism is the documentation and archiving of the counter-arguments. Where appropriate this should include shining a light on examples of the worst excesses of extremists.

Therefore the aim of The Common Sense Archive is to act as a kind of database, documenting and archiving internet resources that highlight and discuss the extreme and self-contradictory elements of “woke” ideology.

Submissions from readers for inclusion are welcome.