NHS child gender clinic: Staff concerns ‘shut down’ – BBC


BBC: “NHS child gender clinic: Staff concerns ‘shut down'”.


This 2020 BBC article describes leaked documents that lend further weight to many of the claims made by whistle-blower Kirsty Entwistle regarding the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS).

The new allegations are based on transcripts of staff interviews done during a review into the GIDS. Among the claims, quoted from the BBC article:

  • Clinicians reported worries that some patients were referred onto a gender transitioning pathway too quickly.
  • Clinicians claimed child protection and safeguarding concerns were “shut down”.
  • Staff alleged they were discouraged by GIDS Director Polly Carmichael from going to see the Trust’s safeguarding lead, and from referring cases to social services.
  • People who raised concerns were seen as “…trouble making and difficult.” This included specific threats against clinicians’ careers.
  • Staff linked the poor safeguarding processes to the resignation of more than forty clinicians in the space of just three years.
  • Several staff claimed that a member of the GIDS leadership, Sarah Davidson, would sometimes refer children for treatment after only one or two appointments.

So the publicly funded NHS appears to be openly pushing inherently un-provable ideology over science.

More worryingly this involves minors, a group usually designated by the law as incompetent to make decisions with life-long implications.

It is astonishing to consider how deeply embedded this extremism has become in our society.

It will likely come to be viewed as a public health scandal by future generations. And it has happened on our watch.

An open letter to Dr Polly Carmichael from a former GIDS clinician


Open letter published on Medium.com.


This is a fairly courageous open letter by Kirsty Entwistle, a former clinical psychologist at the “Gender Identity Development Service” (GIDS) in Leeds.

The letter is addressed to Dr Polly Carmichael, director of GIDS, which is based at the The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust in London.

The Tavistock Clinic is the main NHS centre for dealing with gender issues in the UK. Carmichael consequently wields a great deal of power.

The main thrust of the letter is that life changing treatments are being administered to children with little-to-no repeatable evidence of their safety for use. Claims of reversibility are being made when no such evidence exists.

The letter then criticises the clinic’s alignment with an “affirmative” model for children rather one of informed consent. This means clinical staff have a natural bias toward diagnosing and pursuing treatment for gender dysphoria, when listening and challenging them may be more appropriate.

Linked to this is a culture of bullying and fear among GIDS staff. Entwistle was allegedly accused by colleagues of making transphobic remarks for going against the grain and challenging a diagnosis of gender dysphoria in a child. This is chilling.

Entwistle also alleges that previous attempts by GIDS staff to raise these concerns have been ignored.

These claims have been given further weight by leaks from GIDS, and the NHS’ alteration of its online guidance on gender dysphoria. Separate posts are forthcoming on those.

Bonus points for the abusive (and provably incorrect) message left below the Medium article by a trans activist.

Fear not, most of the comments were supportive of Entwistle and heavily upvoted compared to this one.